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Understanding is Light

Understanding is Light – Narendra

What’s your driving force? What makes you get up everyday and go for it? Keep putting it out?

That’s our job. We all came here for one reason only. All of us, To create more light on this planet. And we all forgot, And created more darkness.
In order to learn not to do that, as you become more and more aware of that, that’s your focus. My purpose is to inspire people to Wake up.
And we all will eventually, its just a matter of time, to understand how it works Then we have responsibility. First of all to be responsible to the energy, And second of all, to share with others so that they will slowly but surely become responsible for energy. Now we are not only creating more light by example, but hopefully we are inspiring people to be more interested in the same. And that’s the whole game. Everything else is just what we do and are learning to do. What it all breaks down to, it’s a Life game. When you Understand it, then you have the responsibility for being more on the Light side, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

What are the different things you put together, in your work?

See, the reason I like this work so much; I’ve done all those therapies, I’ve checked them out, I’ve studied them. And to me, they all were power trips. And not only, power trips, most of them are just band aids, First Aid. Yes, they will all make you feel better. You can do all those different things, Reiki etc…. And they will bandage you temporarily, but they won’t change your programming.

And that’s where the problem is?

That’s where the problem is. Because we keep under stress going into our computer, going back to the same program, to survive! Because when we were little and we did this, we survived. So it became a survival program. Now the thing happens here, and I do it again, and then I go, “Why, why did I do that? That’s ridiculous. I keep doing it” And the interesting thing is you need to watch this movie called ‘What the bleep do we know’ Every time you are upset, every time you are angry, your body goes into turmoil. And then people wonder why they are sick? And in my experience, most illnesses, especially long-term ones are self punishment. I think I’m a bad person, or I’m not a good person. And so therefore I’m proving it, and I’m punishing myself for not being what I should have been for them to love me the way I wanted them to…. Oh my goodness! This is an energy game of ‘responsibility’ and ‘choice’. That’s it…. And when you choose to feel better, and that’s your focus, you will… How can you not? You’re putting forth ‘feel better’ into energy, ‘feel better’ will come back. You put ‘poor me’ into motion, ‘poor me’ comes back. You put ‘anger’ into motion, ‘anger’ comes back. You put ‘willing’, the other side of ‘anger’ in motion, “Yes, I’m willing to learn from this and grow” Then solutions comeback, because you are willing. “Here, you want solutions? Have some…Oh you want some more? Have some more. Its whatever we do, we get back. But its not punishment. The religious leaders made this punishment so that you’d have to pay to feel better. So you could excuse your suffering instead of being responsible for it and changing it. You don’t have to suffer.

The focus is on your self?

Totally. What about them? The better you are, the better you’ll treat them. How about your job? The better you are, the better your job will be. We are going into businesses, working with executives and CEO’s, because wherever they are, they’ve got themselves to that point. The reason they don’t go any further is because of some negative programming from childhood is keeping them away from it. It’s in their way. So they can get rid of that and take more advantage of where they are in their power, to be at more of an advantage and grow, and be able to deal with everybody else better. That’s why what we do is so valuable. And its very difficult to sell to people, because we are selling responsibility. And that’s the key. Response means conscious awareness. Reaction means emotional addiction. So we need to be aware of our reactions, and choose to respond. And awareness and commitment will do it. Just got to work at it, baby steps. Everyday- little bit better, little bit better… No more judgment, “Oh I did that so many times!” No, no, no. I did better – once, twice….count your betters only. Start playing the game consciously on the positive side, to see what you can accomplish.…… for six months, I guarantee your life will change. How can it not? You’ve got six months of focused commitment on the positive side. I guarantee that will bring light to you that you have no idea. And don’t doubt it. Doubt your doubt. “No, no, no can’t do that…” Don’t do that negative self talk. Stop that “How do I do that?” Choice! “Well, how do I make a choice?” Give me a break! You make a choice from choice. “Whoa! Really? Are you sure? If I make a choice, then.. If I don’t do that, then…” I’m making a choice with other people’s ideas of it, and I can blame them. Well they told me that this would work . And it’s their fault, it’s not mine. So I don’t learn anything except don’t trust them. But Hello? When I say what did I do to cause this one? And I start accepting, and I look for… “Okay, okay” I expected them to be nice to me and they weren’t.
So I get pissed off. Appointments, disappointments. So every time I’m disappointed now, I can say”Okay, how did I set myself up by expecting something I didn’t get?” And that’s all we’re all doing. We don’t think we got it.
We’re expecting something from life that we don’t have. You’ve got you, that’s all you need. Until then, you’re in the game of ‘prove yourself’. What’s to prove? You’re a divine being pretending to be who you think you are. And pretending that all these problems you got are really problems, instead of opportunities to become more involved with who you really are. And your power. You have a ton of power. There’s nothing to prove. Just be you. If they like it, good for them. If they don’t, it’s their problem. If you like it, that’s all that matters. And don’t judge it, just look to see where you can improve it. Judgment is looking what’s wrong, criticizing. But if I look at it and say “Well this is how I did it. Now how can I do it better?” Now I’m looking for more solutions, and I have no energy on how it didn’t work.
My energy is on how can I make it work better next time. What is this going to teach me that will help me accomplish that? So now my whole focus is changed. So now you can see for yourself how you made yourself miserable because you thought you ‘deserved it’, or ‘should be different’, or ‘should be better’. You should be you. Existence doesn’t make mistakes. We aren’t wrong. Existence doesn’t make wrong. If it did, the whole Universe would crumble. If it doesn’t make wrong, then what’s wrong with us? The answer is – Nothing! Nothing’s wrong until we think about it. We are in a great age. This is the greatest thing that ever happened. This is the first time in existence of this Universe where you can become ascended in body.

Deva Premal and Miten – Gayatri Mantra

What is Ascension?

Ascension is coming in tune, in harmony with the energy that you are which creates that which is called Enlightenment. And to me, the first step towards Enlightenment is when you are no longer a victim. Until then, I don’t think you are in your spiritual trip at all. You are playing the other trip, the ‘drama game’. “What you doing?” “I’m doing the drama game. I thought it was going to be a pyjama game, but it turned out to be a drama game!” And here we are. After a while, hopefully I’ll go, okay enough with the drama. It never changes anything, the same things still happen. So let’s forget the drama and do something different. Let’s see its value, instead of its pain. Pain comes from “Oh no!” Value comes from “Oh really? Wow, that’s wonderful! What am I going to learn from this?” I like to use the example of this professional athlete who’s a runner. In an accident he loses his legs. Now he has two choices. He can be a victim to that and talk about the rest of his life as reason why he can’t do anything else. Or he can get on the other side and say “Wow. I never had no legs before. I know, I’ll create some new ones. I’ll be able to do this. A whole bunch of experiences that I never even dreamed that I had. Isn’t this wonderful?” Same thing, different attitude, different perception. One guy’s going to find a life of suffering. The other guy’s going to overcome the problem. Even if he only feels great about it because now he can go in for the handicapped race or whatever. But he’s going to find something positive because he is looking for it. We don’t look for positive, we look to prove – “See they don’t like us, see the rejection, see, see, see…” It’s because we are rejecting ourselves. When you accept you as you, you don’t care whether they do or not, at all. No matter what they do, they can’t affect you. You have to use what they are doing to affect yourself. I can say anything I want to say. And unless you buy into it, I’m just a nut, saying these weird things. I don’t have to defend myself because I’m not buying in. I know who I am, I know what I’m doing. And by doing that, I’ll do it a little better everyday. And that will make me feel good, because at night I can see that I’ve accomplished something that is valuable for myself. And I reach up and say, good for you kid, and I pat myself and hug myself and go to sleep. Because I did something valuable,
for me. Just that much, if everybody did that much, the world would change. Because it would be that much less negative which feeds the terrorists, which feeds the Palestine-Israel number, all that’s fed by everybody’s negativity.

What’s the trick to change it from “Oh no” to “Oh really. Wow, that’s wonderful. What am I going to learn from this?”

We’re energy soldiers, we’re light soldiers.. We came down in this energy, which is emotional energy. The energy of the planet is emotional, and we chose to come down in this energy so that we could learn through free will which is the law on the planet, to create light instead of darkness. All negativity, all negative ideas are darkness. Understanding is Light. The problem is that until we get to a certain age level or soul level, you don’t want to be responsible. You want somebody else to do it for you, and they can’t. Because these are the things we chose to play with, and its up to us to do it, or not do it, but because we have free will – it doesn’t really matter whether we do it or not, except to the purpose of the planet. Because Existence doesn’t make mistakes, it doesn’t punish. Karma is not payback, its another opportunity to learn something that we didn’t understand before. So it gives it to us again, and its going to keep coming until we finally go “Ohhhh, that’s what that is. Well, I can do that” And we choose to be more positive and transform that negativity through understanding into Light.

Well, what’s the trick?

What trick?

To change it from “Oh no” to….

Oh that’s easy – I want to feel good. That’s the New Age mantra. Our job, our responsibility is to say “I want to feel good” Worry, fear, doubts…. “I don’t do that anymore, I want to feel good”
In the New Age we have two basic responsibilities – one is to be positive when we think, speak and feel. And the other is to look at the past and find the good in each one of those things we thought was terrible. If it hadn’t been for that so called terrible experience, I wouldn’t have made the choices that make me be who I am now. But because of that thing that I was faced with, and had to do something about, I made choices that improved my life. So now I can look at that, instead of saying “Oh that was terrible” I can say “Thank you for that experience because it enabled me to improve myself”
In the first six years of our life, we create our entire belief system – what we believe we are, what we believe the world is. And from then on we’re either responsible or reactive. Responsible is conscious, reactive is always negative, from an old childhood program, that we learned from somebody else, and that we’re still doing, because we think that’s who we are. No we’re not. We are as Osho said – a divine being pretending to be a person. And now we are pretending the person we are pretending to be has all these problems. And that’s the game of life. We’ve come down here to play, and everybody gets serious. “This isn’t funny!” Honey that’s funny. What do you mean this isn’t funny? Its the Cosmic Circus, and we’re the clowns! That’s why the work that we do, we help you go back into your time track, into your computer when you first decided there was something wrong with you, so you could understand where you did that, when you did that, why you did it, and change it if you want to. Because to me, you can’t change anything until you change the programming.

And the programming is destructive?

Yeah. Now therapies to me, most of them are power trips. Make yourself do this, this and this. If you don’t get rid of the stress, and you do achieve that through force; inside the stress is still there, you are going to destroy yourself physically. That’s why in our work we reprogram, we go back into the computer – when did I first decide there was something wrong with me?
Here’s a good example – my mother, when she realized she was pregnant, said “Oh shit. I’m pregnant.” And the child is going to feel responsible for her reactions and will start doubting myself right now. “Oh look what I’m doing to my mommy. I must really be a bad person cause she is upset cause I am here.”
Now I knew she was going to do that, I just didn’t know how I’d handle it this time. Now the minute I get conceived I don’t remember any of my spiritual trip. All I want to do is belong to this family, and to be loved and accepted like I am, and I’ve already chosen the family that doesn’t have it, to give it to me, the way I want it. Why? So I could learn to give it to myself!
There are four things that you want from the outer world that you can’t get. First of all you want to be Important to them. The idea is to be important to you! When I’m important to myself, if and when I decide to do that, I don’t care whether they think I’m important or not – I got it covered. I’m important to me! You don’t think I’m important? That’s your problem, not mine.
Second thing – we want to be Accepted as is, by them. Forget it. We need to accept our self as is. And if we were any different, we’d be learning different things. So we purposely chose to be whatever we are, so we’d have something to play with, to learn through. So we need to accept ourselves as we are, and when we do, if we do, we don’t care whether they accept us or not. Again, we got it covered. I’m important to me, and I accept myself as I am. What’s your problem? The third thing we want from them that we can’t get is Appreciation. When you do something that you feel good about, you reach up there with your hand, and pat your shoulder, and say “Good job. Good job honey, you really did good that time” Because we are the only ones that know when we want to be appreciated, they don’t know. Now we expect them to understand that and tell us how good we’re doing, but we won’t believe them until we appreciate ourselves. We can’t accept appreciation from them because we don’t think we deserve it or we’d appreciate ourselves.
Fourth thing – Love. Until we love ourselves, we don’t even know what love is. Its something that somebody else said – when you love, you do this and this. So somebody taught us that – its a belief system. And until I love myself there is no way will I let anybody else love me. Even if they do, I won’t believe it. “I love you honey…” “Yeah what do you really want from me? I know its not love. What is it?” Because I don’t love myself, how could you? Now I expect other people who don’t love themselves, to love me, who doesn’t love myself. Ohhh deeaar…I’m in a lot of trouble here.
So when I do love myself, then I don’t care whether they love me or not. I got it covered again. So now when I’m important to myself, and I appreciate myself, and I accept myself, and I love myself; what do I need the outside world for? To share my energy with, only. I feel great, you want some?

And when we look at life, and we have all these ideas of it – are these really our ideas, or whose eyes are we seeing through – mama’s eyes, papa’s eyes, teacher’s eyes, preacher’s eyes… whose belief system am I looking at life through? And Osho used to say this – until you’ve had an experience yourself, even if it’s true, its not true to you. Because its not your experience, its somebody else’s belief system that you’re still pretending is true. But you don’t know because you haven’t had the experience.
One of the biggest problems with mankind is impatience. “Have to have it now!” Really? Why? “Well, to prove that I’m important and I’m worthy and somebody cares” How about you caring? A lot of us go with this feeling “Nobody cares about me” That means I don’t, or it would be – nobody else cares about me. But it’s nobody. Well, I’m part of nobody then. Ohhhh, isn’t that interesting?
And if you can accept that Existence doesn’t make mistakes, doesn’t judge, doesn’t punish. It just supports whatever we do for as long as we do it. Now Existence doesn’t know about negativity, so whenever we do anything that’s negative – it just kicks it right back to us “Here, you put this out, have it back” And its going to give it to us a bit stronger to see if it can get our attention – see what you did. We ignore it. “ha-ha…ha-ha..”. Pretty soon it gets so strong, we go “Oh, okay. Okay, okay. I see it. Alright. I’m in a corner here Okay? Alright! Let me out….” Because it finally gets strong enough to get our attention, cause we don’t pay attention. We’re so busy begging the world to love us and accept us and to think we’re important…. We don’t do it ourselves. Remember there’s nothing wrong with any one of us. Existence doesn’t make mistakes. We’ve all chosen to be exactly what we are so we could see how was life through these eyes – by being this person. What can I learn from life? How can I understand myself and make more positive choices in my life that will improve the evolution of the planet.
“Oh you have no choices, its all God’s will” Yeah, but you’re the God, so its your will. You’re part of Existence – that spark that keeps us alive inside is part of Existence, pretending to be a limited person, with all these problems, and nobody cares you know… Which means I don’t. Next question…

You say ascension in the body is possible right now. For someone who doesn’t know about personal growth and meditation, what’s the way in?

“I want to feel good” – that’s the answer to everything.

Dr. Feelgood…

Its the answer to everything. If you don’t doubt yourself, don’t worry – then your energy is up. When your energy is up, you feel good, and you’re adding more light to the evolution of the planet. And other people around you will start feeling better themselves, because your light of feeling good is influencing them, whether they know it or not. And the stronger you get in your feel-good business, you can walk down the street, and people around
will start thinking a little different because of the light that you shared with them as you walked through. Its that simple – its the mind that makes it difficult. This is the complexities here (pointing to the head); this is the simplicity, in your heart (pointing to the heart) This is a simple game that we make as difficult as we possibly can, otherwise how would we suffer? We couldn’t. We’d just say “Okay, today what am I going to do? I want to do this and this and this… Good for me…Next… Wow, that was great. No legs – I never did no legs before…Wow, what an opportunity” Different approach to the same thing. One makes it a problem, the other makes it an opportunity. Now, if Existence doesn’t punish, then why is this happening to me? Again, we are back to ascension – when you can stop being a victim to anything. If I’m not a victim, then what’s life doing? Its teaching me something. Every time something happens, there’s a chance to learn, to learn, to learn, to learn…. What? How to make light instead of darkness, to see some good in it, to find some way to solve it, to do something of value with it, instead of using it to feel bad, to prove that I’m not worthy of loving myself. Why? Doesn’t make any sense. And most of us spend our lives looking for the problems “See how difficult it is.. See.. Nobody cares. See… See. See… See…” You’re looking for the negative – you’ll find it. You find what you’re looking for. The minute that you change your mind, decide to look for the positive, you’ll find that everywhere you look; because now you’re looking for the positive, the light instead of the darkness

You’ve said, “When you come in tune with the energy that you are, which creates that which is called Enlightenment” Is everybody’s frequency different? Does that mean there are six and a half billion different solutions?

Yes, to the last part. To the first part though, there’s only One energy – energy is the same. The choice of using that energy is the only difference. Remember I chose to be born so I could learn from my choices. There are no right or wrong choices, there are no good or bad choices, there are only opportunities for awareness. Otherwise it’s somebody else’s belief system, and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Parents have good intentions – they want to save us from their mistakes. They want to save us from learning, never having to struggle in this. We can’t do that, because we have to do our own thing. So their intentions are “Alright, young lady, be home by 8 o’clock at night, and you don’t go anywhere without a muzzle….” (Laughs) “.. That’s so you won’t be able to do things bad or say things bad” But they do all this stuff to us from their heads, they are being parents, and doing good intentions to help us. No they’re not, they’re limiting us. If you want to raise your children properly – teach them how to think, not what to think. Let them make up their own minds, let them make their own mistakes. If its all Existence, and we’re pretending to be a person anyway, what real difference does it make? Nothing, except to the person doing it. And what difference does it make to them – either they feel good or they feel bad – in simplicity terms. Its that simple – you want to feel good, you want to feel bad. And what you are willing to do, to feel good, if you want to. Are you willing to take the responsibility for being positive for your energy? Or not? Or are you just waiting for somebody else to come along and do it for you? And they can’t, even if they could do it. I used to be a hypnotherapist, and I realized that when I had you under hypnosis, your conscious mind was asleep. All changes that we make in life, we make consciously. So if my conscious mind is asleep, then who’s making the changes? The hypnotherapist. Now that’s temporarily making me feel better, but in the long run I got to come back and do it again, because I chose those problems personally to learn to overcome, as my job here, but now someone else did it for me? No, no, I got to come back and do it for myself. So when I realized that I wasn’t really helping people by helping them change those things, that I could only help people by helping them understand why they created what they are, and hopefully inspire them to do something about that.
And they’re the only ones who can do it, no one can do it for them. We have to do it ourselves. There’s no magic pill out there, no magic person that’s going to go “Poof! You’re alright” No, cause that’s not the way it works. The minute I understand that, hopefully I’ll start going to work – with me. Start being responsible – for me. Start being more positive – for me! Start feeling better because that’s what I decided I want to do.

Do you feel this new perception will spread rapidly once people realize how simple it is?

It already is – because of the New Age. We’ve been in the New Age over 12 years now. The magnetic grid around the planet has changed, that’s why the weather’s all different – the planet’s changing. And people who never before were interested in spirituality or metaphysics, are going “You know, I’ve been thinking about that lately” Because of the new energy – we’re in new energy, new radio stations, and we’re starting to tune in slowly but surely into new frequencies, which is new thought processes, and this is going to keep getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

There are many people freaking out about 2012. What’s your take on it?

What do you mean – twenty twelve?

Two thousand and twelve.

Oh, two thousand and twelve – well, that’s beautiful. That’s the end of the Mayan calendar, which is the beginning of the real New Age From that point on, the people that are born will be born programmed to find solutions, to fix it. Now the kids that are being born, are the kids that are being born to teach us how to handle them, for one, and to be the parents of the New Age people – a higher frequency, a higher vibration. That’s why they are not buying into our old habits of – do this and don’t do this. They’re going “Oh yeah, says who? Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t do that. Don’t just tell me not to do that. Give me a choice” Twenty twelve is the beginning of everything; the war should be over by then.

Though some people are feeling 2012 is the end…..

No, its the beginning of the real new world. And it’s the beginning because enough of us have chosen to be positive that have allowed that to happen.
If we hadn’t done that, the world would have ended, sometime ago. Didn’t. Why? Because enough of us have chosen to be positive. I had a radio programme, I was a Cosmic Messenger and I told cosmic bedtime stories on K.P.P.C. in Pasadena in California. I was on from midnight to 1 o’clock in the morning. And afterwards the phones would light up, and I’d answer a lot of them, just to see what people said. This one time I answered the phone, they said “You don’t know who we are, but we thought you’d be interested in knowing that the energy of the planet has improved 28% on the positive side because of people’s positive actions” I said “Oh thank you very much.” (laughs) And another funny story is – years later I ran into some kids, and they said “You were the Cosmic Messenger?” I said yeah. They said” You know we used to get together and take acid trips and listen to your programme!” (laughs) Believe me its all good, anytime you want to see the good in it.
We are a magnet that attracts unto ourselves the equivalent of what we express. Energy passes through us. When we think, speak and feel; we change that energy with what we do. And that change is attached to us magnetically until we transform it into awareness and understanding, now, not only are you feeling good, you’re adding to the light of the planet, more light to all the problems in this world, you’re helping them change because you’ve changed. You know it takes one half of one percent of the population of the world to change it totally, by being more positive. One half of one percent!

Dr. Warren Stagg/Narendra

A faculty member of THREE-IN-ONE Concepts, and a teaching metaphysician, who
is in INDIA to help establish Precision Muscle Testing as a reliable tool
for use in transforming individual limitations. Warren has been in the
Holistic Health movement for over 30 years. He has a Doctorate in Natural
Science, a Degree in Naturopathy, and has been involved with the majority of
the therapies and self help techniques in the United States and through out
the world, in a search for simple techniques that work and most importantly

Interview and photo by Kamakshi

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