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The Greatest Challenge…

The Greatest Challenge…

 If we are going to solve the problems of the future and dissolve them, then we have to look for their roots in the past.

 It is our whole past, in all its dimensions, that has given rise to this dangerous situation.

 Our problems are international and our solutions are national, but no nation is capable of solving them.

You have heard these two words, dependence and independence.

Both are unreal: the reality is interdependence.

We have to take a quantum leap and teach the new generation not to live the way we have lived.

It is one humanity.

One world government was tried by the League of Nations before the second world war, but it could not succeed. It simply remained a debating club.

The second world war destroyed the very credibility of the League of Nations.
But the necessity was still there; therefore they had to create the United Nations Organization, the U.N.

But the U.N. is as much a failure as the League of Nations was. Again, it is still a debating club because it has no power. It cannot implement anything; it is just a formal discussion club.

The way the U.N. is now, with a few countries having veto power, one single government can veto something for the whole world.

The United Nations should be converted from a formal organization into a World Government.
This will change the whole power structure in the world,

Meritocracy is a whole program of transforming the structure of society, the structure of the government, the structure of education..

This is the only way: to replace the politicians by the intelligentsia.
Once you have decided to shift the power, everything becomes simple.

The members of the World Government will choose the world president.
But the world president will be chosen not from the members of the World Government, but from outside.

And one thing should be absolutely certain about him, that he is not a politician.
He can be a poet, a painter, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician. Anything except that.

After nations, the second great disease is religions, the religions have destroyed man’s integrity.

They have broken him – not only in parts but into opposing parts, and these parts are continuously fighting with each other. In this way they have made humanity schizophrenic, by turning you against your own nature.

They have taken away your individuality, your freedom, your intelligence.
In its place they have given you bogus beliefs, which mean nothing.

Truth is a search, not a faith. It is an inquiry, not a belief.

An Authentic Religiousness, needs no prophets, no saviors, no churches, no popes, no priests – because religiousness is the flowering of your heart.

If religiousness spreads all over the world the religions will fade away.
It will be a tremendous blessing to humanity when man is simply man.

One humanity is enough. And one religiousness is enough.

Meditation, truth, love, authenticity, sincerity – which do not need any name… a quality,not something organized.

The moment organization comes in there is going to be violence, because there will be other organizations in conflict.

First nations, second religions; and third, a science completely devoted to a better life, to more life, to better intelligence, to more creativity – not to create more war, not to be destructive.

Start working with nature not as an enemy but as a friend.
The damage can be repaired,and the ecology will soon again be functioning as an organic unity.

Let it to be known to the whole world that if you are not ready to be one,
be ready to disappear from this planet…

excerpts from Osho’s

 The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future