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Ma Faiza was born in Africa and is of Indian origin. She evolved as a DJ in London. She is an Artist, Producer and Head of A & R for Masti Music, India. She DJ’s internationally, travelling around the world, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals on the planet! Her djing has taken her from
London to India, Germany to Israel, Greece to Turkey, Ibiza to
Portugal….Dubai to Austria…and the journey has only just begun! She participates in some of the most cutting-edge concepts in sound, vision and experience. Welcome to her page!!!!!

One of the most amazing and inspiring concepts I participate in with much passion is Liquid Sound® I think a bit of background information is needed to explain this amazing most unbelievable experience
What it is :
It s a branded high-tech underwater sound and light installation that allows people to immerse in a symphony of body temperature water, coloured light, music and video images. All the senses are stimulated in a harmonic massage that speaks to the body as much as the soul. The system was developed by artists, technicians and therapists for use in thermal saltwater pools. It attracts people who love music, people who love water and people who love the healing and relaxing innovation of “bathing in light and music”.

They are located at present only in Germany – Liquidrom in Berlin, Toskana Therme in Badsulza, and the newest most hi-tech Toskana Therme in Bad Schaudau. It was developed
by Micky Remann and is dedicated to the body-soul-spirit. It’s the body and soul in complete harmony. It is pure relaxation to bathe in sound, colour and light, to indulge your
pleasure and fantasy in an aesthetic experience and to discover new worlds of sensation. You experience total inner concentration, the feeling of the music on your body – in the water, letting the sounds and associations of underwater worlds carry you – pulsating life from water, light and sound.
Sheltered and secure as an embryo in the womb, you absorb subtle vibrations and feel at one with yourself – letting body and soul sway, moving on a personal and physical journey with nowhere to go but inside. It revives your strengths, your playfulness, your inner child and your trust, emerging as if reborn.
The Liquidrom, Berlin, Germany, Full Moon with Miko The
Violinman Live, 2nd July 2004 In the middle of Berlin under the large Tempodrom roof is a wonder, an oasis. The Liquidrom – it sits in an unbelievably creative ‘horn of plenty’, in the pulsating mass of Berlin with its need for recreation and relaxation. In a performance in water you always have a strong sense of the present, you press a kind of psychosomatic reset button: when you go into
these waters you leave everything behind; you depart, you float away, but you also reach yourself, are at one with yourself, are outside yourself, you are in a particular geographic location and at the same time in the oceanic wide world, far more extensive than the place in which you are.
I have participated on these magical events, by performing with Miko the Violinman at the side of the liquid poolcoloured
lights and projections covering the space and seeing the shapes of the people just being in the water, floating dreaming and experiencing something which is so subtle yet
penetrates so deep inside us
I found playing and performing music with live musicians a challenge, and each time you have to be flexible to switch from land tempo to water tempo, where the regular beat is not so important, as the sounds underwater have much more penetration. I feel much more sensibility and understanding is needed to adjust to the musical dimension of water. The water allows you to really break free from convention, and take the plunge to allow something to develop which may never have been known before.
The joy for me is to be able first to experience this magic gift that has been created, and to be a small part of the experience that others can participate with me, where we push the boundaries of our own imagination, to allow others the chance to walk into the very building of these liquid sound
temples, and know that their energy will be transformed by their own intimate experience……..

Ma Faiza

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