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Diary of a DJ – Ma Faiza

Ma Faiza was born in Africa and is of Indian origin. She evolved as a DJ in London. She is an Artist, Producer and Head of A & R for Masti Music, India. She DJ’s internationally, travelling around the world, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals on the planet! Her djing has taken her from
London to India, Germany to Israel, Greece to Turkey, Ibiza to
Portugal….Dubai to Austria…and the journey has only just begun! She participates in some of the most cutting-edge concepts in sound, vision and experience. Welcome to her page!!!!!

Along my travels I have the great gift of experiencing many different forms of “art”………meeting people with such passion to express “something”……using new technologies with old, taking all the tools they need to let us experience a cosmic reality……….One amazing artist I encountered was Mattias Strobl, at Wonderland Open-Air Festival in Germany, and from the first moment I saw his projections, standing in the open, I was mesmerized, I could not stop watching the huge 40metre images projected onto a big white cloth, hug between trees in the forest……Using a projector designed and patented by himself, Mattias drops many different colours and liquids on a glass petri dish containing a water-based clear liquid……..the petri dish can then be rotated at different speeds and in different directions and there is also a small mechanical arm which spins and mixes the liquids in the dish…….. he calls these images “lightmotivs” and they can be up to 50 metres in diameter and can be projected onto the sides of buildings or any white background…………Mega-sized, organic, colourful
free-floating fluid forms that unite or repel before the eye of the beholder, undulating bubbles that touch each other, millions of colours, forms and dynamics magically evolving, taking you on a journey into a whole new universe…… These lightmotivs create light spaces that permit unusual and amazing perspectives that free our optics from the captivity of our inner eye level……….they do not provide any answers, but instead ask questions because it connects levels of perception, and visualises self-organising processes and structures………

Lightmotiv – Contact

Witnessing a lightmotiv is about asking yourself what you see. The flowing forms and colours affect the brain to search for references in recognition . This “cerebral massage” is experienced as contemplation, comparable with looking into the clouds in the sky. It is stepping back and enjoying the beauty of nature …….More than ever before, we are occupied with the desire to recognise structures and regularity of nature, and it is not uncommon for us to fail
because of the new, old chaos of the world. Although in the age of technical reproduction everything seems to be repeatable, there is sometimes still a chance to consciously experience the uniqueness of the moment and become aware of the beauty of nature……… Mattias’s lightmotiv projections are alive and living……..he travels across the globe sharing his lightmotivs in Europe, America, Japan, Turkey and more….. and I have had the great pleasure to share a few dj/vj sets in Germany, London and Turkey with him……. I feel so connected with the lightmotivs……and was inspired to make a music compilation for the lightmotiv DVD………..This project has been in development for the last one and a half years, and we just now have completed a DVD, with Mattias’s images and a magical water-liquid-based chillout-mix, containing many new artists and previously unreleased material from myself and Veet Sandeh….. All the music was made specially to syncronise with the images and a layer of about 50 sounds evolve throughout the mix as the images move and spin, grow and shrink, repel and attract, merge and swirl……and so the music reflects this evolution……….Mattias was the first to agree that this synchronicity of his lightmotivs and the music brings the whole feeling more alive, more present and more dynamic…… From our first meeting I talked about me putting music together for a DVD of his lightmotiv’s, and was so interested in the way all the fluids work within a natural evolution, I ended up picking Mattias’s brain for a couple of hours, both of us sharing that it was a real shame that the music was just not being played with any attention to his images and at dance parties its very hard to find a dj sensitive enough to allow the music to work with the images. Mattias also has permanent installations, and has manufactured fifteen of his projectors at present…..he shares his visionary concepts with art festivals, corporate events, and many psychedelic parties. Check out and where you can download some pictures of his art, many small movies with music, purchase the DVD, and get more info….

Check out and where you can download some pictures of his art , many small movies with music , purchase the DVD , and get more info

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