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A cherished centuries old French wine, an exotic damsel from the tribes of the far flung Bohemain islands, a sonnet lost in the yellowing pages of musical history, a king long forgotten…..


Born into the world of fine fashion,Cerfontaine is the baby of designer par excellence, Rudhra Cerfontaine. Marrying Oriental image with the European sense of style and shape, the Cerfontaine collection is a range that satisfies the burning desires of a fashionista.

Natural fabrics are the heart and soul of this designer’s collection. Textured cottons, silks and linen with fine sensations are a pleasure to wear, and aesthetic beauty the central theme.

Intricate detailing of Banjara stiches and decorative abala work are central to the range. Embroidered kurtis in silk linen, tops with lace trimmings and leather strings, drawstring trousers with the exotic Banjara stitch and moth- er of pearl buttons, all convey a sense of elegance and fun. Tibetan shirts in cotton with tie ups and tie dye shirts with bright tattoo prints… makes one want to wear it instantly and walk out with the air of a celebrity.

Creativity flows in the form of intricate, innovative Kaatyawad inspired prints that have been crafted by Rudhra himself. These take the shape of silk spaghetti strap dresses, shirts and skirts embellished with abala. Muted earthy tones, ivory, sand, mustard, coal and brick… are some of the major players in the colour palate of this collection .


“A woman or man is perfect just as they are. Imperfection is beautiful,” says Rudhra. What can one say to that except… welcome to a world of incredible clothing that you can call your own.

By Shruti Kothari

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