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Boom Festival

Boom Festival…

Android Jones

Boom Festival is a global art, music and culture gathering held every two years in Portugal’s sun-drenched countrysidein a stunning outdoor location on the shore of the Lake Idanha-a-Nova.

A multi exploratory art platform/ gathering for the psychedelic culture and scene. It is not easy to try to describe the essence of Boom Festival in only words – it’s whole purpose is the challenge to express the individual free spirit, outside of the matrix which surrounds us, and create a different reality while vibrating within the collective consciousness.

Bringing together the latest in psychedelic audio and visuals, art installations and workshops this week-long event is a harmonic convergence of people, energy, information and philosophies from around planet Earth and beyond.

Boom is an art event, born from a culture which has a long grown out of the dance floor (the heart of it) to new expressions and visions.

A whole world of people involved in the psychedelic culture get together to show and share what they have foundinside the conscious fractal.

It’s a celebration of intuition and telepathy. Dance, music, sculptures, paintings, fashion films, photography, ideologies, experiences, communication, philosophies and lots more – all enhancing the possibilities of life’s experiences.

Our communication changes during these few days and in the end there is no more need for words.

We communicate through Art.

Synchronized multi-dimensionally with the full moon of August the next incarnation of Boom is taking a bio-dynamic approach by incorporating a variety of sustainable techniques and Earth-based forms throughout its infrastructure.

Reflecting a harmonic balance of the organic and the cyber-technologic, Boom  maps the metaphysical framework in accordance with Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Boom festival due to its conscious shape shifting and mutating properties happens every two years.

The tone is set for a transformative experience in celebration of the perpetual cycle of creation and re-creation – from the Beginning of the Whole to the Eschaton.

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