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Bean me up

Bean Me Up

Go with the flow, karma, fate, ambition or perseverance?

What ever the driving force behind Bean Me Up, it is an ever growing phenomenon in India.

Once upon a time in a little village called Anjuna, in the state of Goa, nearly 2 decades ago, a wide eyed, teenage American girl landed on the beach, with a handful of other western “hippies”, as the locals call us to this very day.

For the sake of this short story we will refer to our teenager as Little Lisa Bean.

Lisa decided upon arrival in India, and the influence of family and friends to become a vegetarian, and because it is a country full of Vegetarians ,she thought it must be OK.

One day, while on a higher plane of consciousness, she watched the ever changing colors, and writhering of a slab of meat on a plate at one of the local restaurants.

The very next day, she learned how to make Tofu and Tempeh, as it seemed like a good idea to enhance her protein intake. It seems, so did most of the other westerners!

Before she knew it quite a few people wanted to have some fresh hot tofu of their own.

Before Lisa knew it, she was scalding her hands over the hot pots trying to make as much tofu as she could for all the nice “hippies” in the village.

Then she decided to invest the rupees she made from selling soya burgers in the Flee Market in machines to do the hot work! E Wallah! The beginning of the enterprise. Now, present day, There exists a Bean Me Up Soya Station Salad Bar in Anjuna, and

not only for the western people, but……..

She also has a franchise in Hyderabad!!! Yes, Indian people too have opened to the Soya alternative and want to eat healthy, and organic when possible.

There is rapid growth in the number of people WORLWIDE practicing meatless, vegetarian diets, and would welcome the opportunity to have such fresh soya products available to them.

Soya is regarded by the Yogi’s in India as one of the 5 sacred grains.

Lisa believes that it will be one of the key protein sources for the future on the planet earth.

The time of Hunters and Gatherers are over. There are too many people on the planet to continue this inhumane treatment of animals and the violent nature of having to kill for our personal cravings.

Lets leave that to the politicians….. on second thought…. Let’s not!

That subject will be in the next article.

Back to the jungle.

Please ask yourself, are you a soulless predatory creature roaming the land in search of fresh meat?

Or, are you a sensitive intelligent human being with a conscience?


If you are the latter, as I hope you are, then it’s easy to understand that everything, everywhere that everyone does is interconnected.

A matter of cause and effect. KARMA…

Maybe that’s the reason Little Red Riding Hood had to fear the Big Bad Wolf , but Little Lisa Bean doesn’t have to fear the lion, tiger or Bear! Oh My!

The reality of Bean Me Up, Soya Station, Salad Bar has come so far and with so much love and appreciation, it’s almost a fairy tale,

Thanks to all who cherish life!


Bean Me Up
1639 Deulvaddo,
(near the petrol pump)
Tel: 0832-227-3479