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Art and Being

Art and Being – B

U can never possess colors because they flow through the forms they describe,
Past the window they are in, beyond the chest that lays them out,
They are not yours, but unfathomed furies longing,
That which lands in the very depth of one,
Just to leave a tracemark of winters dew,
So you know you can always go and forever come back,
To the same moment that never left, just expanded….. light…..

It’s the moon on a sliding scale
Its creating reality the way U see it
Its inventing the life before your dream defined U
A layout of emancipation that has no name…. but colors

The vibration of the master
Picture it….

Every painting has its own life
If it stays the same as the last, it means the painter did not grow through the process
He is a machine of expression,

One who has finally digged deep enough in his mind
To know that the machine he carries is his own… But the painter who carries his expression in his own veryness of being,
And through that is a growth unto himself
Bejokes the joke, as a mystic walking through glass,
Be aware of he who does not take his own expression seriously,
But expresses seriosity about it, for the merriment of the many,

Just to laugh within himself of the simplicity he sees, as it is made circumstantial by people who don’t practice being,
his being is his true painting,
the painting is his experience of that in this moment
he is no longer machine but pure organic matter coming from balance of totality… he sees it, he knows it, he is it, hence be a creation unto yourself, create your own destiny

Moving through Definite spaces
Shows One the Infinite space
That which is in between
And that which is beyond
The beyond is deep inside
It is beyond that which is not deep inside
All that is not rooted deep inside, in the beyond, is surface
Moving on the surface is tiring
Moving in spacelessness is invigorating energizing fulfilling
Don’t just travel on the surface, move deep inside where
Spacelessness governs your total being

U might have purchased my painting but the experience of it is mine,
U just own the result, still if you want to know what u are looking at,
Or even just to feel something when looking,
U have to know loving openness, or U are bound to ask someone else,
if it is made from the core of the self, and then what is it to U?
Just a proof that you could buy something,
From someone who is himself, that does not make you yourself!!!
Once u have all the famous paintings in your room u will know u don’t know the treasure of them all,
And then U know U have nothing,
And then the only question that persists is:
do U have the courage to acknowledge it?
Because only then U can begin that journey called: Integration

Excerpts from the book ‘Art Is’ -by B (Tobias Ginsborg)

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