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Emperor Constantine…

Android Jones

I say unto you that Christianity is one of the most untruthful religions in the world.

Christianity is a fiction.

It is a disease, a sickness, a pathology, a poison.

It has not been helpful to humanity in finding the truth in any sense.

It has been trying to propagate lies so continuously that they have almost become truth.

Jesus had never even heard the name Christianity. It has been imposed on him, he was not the founder of Christianity.

His life was written eighty years after his death, by people who had not directly known him.

Now even Christian scholars have come to the conclusion that the Christian gospels were not written by the apostles but were written by somebody else, because the mountains described are not in the same place where they are described in the gospels. The rivers described are not in the same place where they are described in the gospels.

Everything was written by people who had not known Jesus Christ, and neither had they lived with Jesus Christ.

Who exactly was the founder of Christianity?

One thing is certain, Jesus was not. He never thought about founding a religion, he was simply telling the Jews, “I am your last prophet.”

He died on the cross as a Jew.

You can find Buddhism in the teachings of Gautam Buddha; he was the founder. You can find in the teachings of Mahavira that he was the founder of Jainism. You can find in the teachings of Lao Tzu that he was the founder of Taoism. But it is a very strange thing about Christianity: Jesus had no idea at all, was not interested in creating a new religion.

Then who founded Christianity?

The man who founded it – you will not believe it – was the Emperor Constantine. The church knows it, but does not allow the public to know it.

The Baptism of Constantine

Emperor Constantine of Rome, who headed the Council of Nicea, died as a Christian, but he was baptized only on his deathbed. His whole life he was the high priest of the Sun God religion, which was why he changed the sabbath from Saturday, which was Jesus’ sabbath day, to Sunday. Jews still have their sabbath on Saturday, and Jesus also had lived his whole life believing in the sabbath on Saturday. How did it become Sunday?

It was Constantine, who was a worshipper of the Sun God. Sunday represents the sun; the followers of the sun have always believed that Sunday is a holy day.

It was Constantine who was actually the founder of Christianity. He was the decisive factor in the Council of Nicea. It was under his pressure – because he was the emperor of Rome – that the priests voted for the divine personality of Jesus. He made Jesus a divine person. It was his creation, his invention.

Constantine saw Jesus as a failed messiah, with himself as the real messiah – and his view was ratified by the famous Christian bishop, Eusebius of Caesarea, who said, “It is as if the religion of Abraham is at last fulfilled, not in Jesus, but in Constantine.”

He also changed Jesus’ birthday from January sixth to December twenty-fifth, the day of the solar rebirth. The twenty-fifth of December, which is celebrated all over the world, is not Jesus’ birthday. The whole idea of their Christmas is bogus – and the church knows it perfectly well but won’t allow people to know about it.

Jesus was born on January sixth, but under Constantine’s influence and power, it was changed to December twenty-fifth, the day of the solar rebirth. It is thought by the sun worshippers that the sun was born on the twenty-fifth of December.

The whole of Christianity is living in utter darkness.

Constantine, killed ten thousand people in a single day. He just called an assembly of all those who were not Catholics in a great auditorium in Rome, and ordered the army to kill everybody: “We don’t want anybody other than Christians in Rome.” He forced the whole of Italy to become Christian… just at the point of a sword.

The whole history of Christianity is of wars and nothing else – killing and violence.

Constantine imposed himself as the real last prophet for whom the Jews had been waiting. Of course, the Jews could not crucify the emperor of Rome. And the Christians wanted some royal support; otherwise they were being crucified everywhere. They found a shelter in Constantine, but it was a bargain, purely business. They accepted that Jesus was a failed messiah, and that Constantine was the real messiah.

But this is not told to the public! Christians are not aware of it. All these scriptures are hidden under the Vatican.

They have been talking about truth, but they have been hiding immensely important things.

They have changed all the gospels, they have edited everything that was going to be difficult for them to argue for, to defend.

The whole of Christianity lives in a paranoia that if anybody finds some truth, then what is going to happen to their lies that they go on propagating?

The Vatican has an underground library of thousands of scriptures which they have burned, saving only one copy.

Nobody is allowed to enter, except the pope and the cardinals, to see all the evidence, all the proofs which go against Christianity.

The public is not allowed to know what the truth is.

It should open the underground library in the Vatican to all the scholars who want to study there, and Christianity will evaporate without leaving a single trace on the human consciousness.

Religions teach faith because they cannot help you to find the truth.

They themselves don’t know where truth is.

Perhaps, in the whole history of the popes, only one pope was honest.

This pope was Pope Leo the Tenth in the sixteenth century.

He is reported to have said, “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”

Osho – Christianity: the deadliest poison and Zen: the antidote to all poisons.

Android Jones

The fifth gospel of Thomas was written in India.

It has not been included in the Bible, it was not available to Constantine, who was compiling, and who was deciding what was to be included and what was not to be included. It was because of him that all these ideas and mythologies and fictions have been added to the life of Jesus.

Jesus sent Thomas to south India.

Thomas, is the disciple closest to Jesus. But his sayings are not included in the Bible, because the real Jesus and his closest disciples have to be excluded – they are too dangerous.

Jesus was trained in one of the oldest secret schools.

The school was called Essenes. The teaching of the Essenes is pure Vedanta.That’s why Christians don’t have a record of what happened to Jesus before his thirtieth year.

They have a little record of his childhood, and they have a record after his thirtieth year up to the thirty-third, when he was crucified – they know a few things.

But a phenomenon like Jesus is not an accident; it is a long preparation, it cannot happen just any moment.

Jesus was continuously being prepared during these thirty years.

He was first sent to Egypt and then he came to India.

In Egypt he learned one of the oldest traditions of secret methods, then in India he came to know about the teachings of Buddha, the Vedas, the Upanishads, and he passed through a long preparation.

Those days are not known because Jesus worked in these schools as an unknown disciple.

And Christians have knowingly dropped those records, because they would not like the son of God to also be a disciple of somebody else.

They would not like the very idea that he was prepared, taught, trained – that looks humiliating.

They think the son of God comes absolutely ready.

Nobody comes absolutely ready…




If you look without, the world of the many exists; if you look within, then the world is one.

If you go outside you may achieve much, but you will miss the one.

The pearl is symbolic of the one, the inner.

And that one is your very center; if you miss it you have missed all.

You may attain much but that much will not count much in the end, because unless one attains to oneself nothing is attained.

If you are a stranger to yourself, even the whole world will not fulfill you.

If you have not got into your own being, then all the riches will make you even poorer.

The truth is so clear, but still we go on missing.

Man, if he lives with the mind, can never be innocent — and only in innocence does the divine descend, or do you ascend to the divine.

Innocence is the door.

Mind is cunning, calculating, it is clever, and because of this cleverness you miss – you miss the reality of life.

If you are not awake, you are not here, you simply believe that you are.

This belief won’t help.

You are not alert, you are not awake: you simply think that you are awake and alert.

Your sleep continues from birth to death.

If somebody came to Jesus to ask what he should do to change, Jesus would say:

You cannot do anything to change unless you become awake.

What can you do?

What can a man who is fast asleep do to change his dreams?

The deepest urge in man is to be totally free.

Freedom from mind, is the goal.

Jesus calls it the kingdom of God…

Osho – The Mustard Seed : Commentaries on the Fifth Gospel of Thomas


One response

  1. Watcher On The Hill

    If a Christ comes today, Christians will not be at ease with him.

    He will destroy everything they have.

    The Vatican, the Church, is not possible with a Christ.

    It is only possible without him.

    Christ is a title it means the crowned one, the awakened one.

    Whosoever become crowned by the glory of awakening, is Christ.

    Christ is a state of consciousness.

    Rebelliousness is the essential quality of a Christ.

    Anywhere he feels a barrier, he will feel rebellious, he is never conformist.

    He can create a revolution, he cannot create an establishment.

    But your so called religious leaders, cardinals, bishops, archbishops.

    These are the most unintelligent people in the world.

    They are living in an hallucination.

    They teach faith because they cannot help you to find the truth.

    They themselves don’t know where truth is.

    So why do you miss a living Christ?

    This has to be understood, because it must be something very deep-rooted in the mind, in the very nature of the mind.

    It is not an individual error, it is not a mistake committed by this man or that man.

    For millennia it has been committed by the human mind.

    The mind has to be penetrated and understood.

    One thing: the mind has no present, it has only past and future.

    If you are just here in this moment, without the mind, there is no time.

    Only the present is existential.

    The understanding should be clear that you have only one moment in your hands, the real moment.

    Either you live it or you leave it unlived.

    Life is all there is.

    Reality is herenow.

    Consciousness is always of the present.

    Christ simply means this ultimate state of consciousness.

    Osho – The Transmission of the lamp.

    October 29, 2011 at 10:27 am