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The Rebellious Spirit of Man…

The rebel by his very nature cannot belong to any existent categories; he is a new category. He introduces a new man into the world. He is a herald of a new dawn, a new beginning. No category of the past can contain him; all the categories that have existed up to now have proved either failures, or insufficient to change the whole of humanity.

The rebel is the seed for the transformation of all.

There have been great people in the world, but even the greatest of them are very small in comparison to the authentic rebel I am talking about, because they all, in some way or other, compromise with the establishment. And that’s where the rebel differs from them all.

They were wise, they were creative artists, they were musicians, dancers, all kinds of people, the past has produced many luminous figures; but something is missing in them. One basic thing missing is: they all lived in a compromise with the vested interests. None of them was total in his rebelliousness. Yes, partial rebels have existed, but a partial rebel is not enough. Man needs total rebels to change the destiny of mankind from going into a graveyard, to turn its direction towards the Garden of Eden.

The rebel will have to create a category for himself by his own living, by his own responses. He will become absolutely discontinuous with the past through his own creativity, his love and his own non-compromising approach. The rebel will not have any past, any history. He will have only the present and a vast future which is open, not dominated by the dead past, because there is no past for the rebel.

The rebel means absolute freedom, absolute love, absolute creativity. He is a totally new kind of man who has been dreamed of by a few people in the past, by a few poets, by a few philosophers, by a few mystics. But it has remained a dream, so much so, that people started calling these poets and mystics “utopians.”

The word `utopia’ means, in its roots, “that which never comes.” You can dream about it, but your dream is an exercise in utter futility; it is utopian, it is not going to come, ever. It is a hopeless hope. It is an opium to keep people dreaming and hallucinating, so that they can tolerate the suffering and misery in the present.

The rebel is not a dream, the rebel is a reality. He is not a utopia, he is an actual realization of man’s potential; he is a promise fulfilled, a dream realized. Naturally he cannot belong to any existent category. He will have to create his own category.

It will be created by the very fact that many, many intelligent people, youthful, alive, are ready to take the challenge of an unknown future. Slowly slowly, a category will form by itself.

There are barriers for the rebel-to-come. The most important barrier is that he has to go against the crowd, and the crowd has all the power. The rebel is very vulnerable, as vulnerable as a roseflower. You can destroy it very easily; you can crucify a rebel without any difficulty.

But I am now feeling a tremendous certainty that the rebel is going to be born, perhaps he is already born. It will just take people a little time to recognize him; he is so new, he does not fit in any category. Hence, some time gap is needed to create a category and to recognize him.

Why am I so certain? I am so certain because man has come to a crisis which he has never encountered before. He has to choose either for a new man or for committing global suicide, and I don’t think that people are going to choose global suicide. That is my guarantee, that is my hope that the new man is bound to arise.

The days of the old man are over. He has lived too long, almost posthumously. He should have been dead long ago, but he has been dragging his corpse. Now his time is finished. He himself has created the situation in which only the new man, the rebellious man, rebelling against all religions, governments, establishments and vested interests, can survive. He will rebel against all that has been keeping man blind, holding him a prisoner, forcing him to live in dark tunnels, never allowing him to know the beauties of life.

The old man has created such a situation, which was bound to happen; it was coming by and by…. Each war was becoming more and more dangerous.

Albert Einstein was asked, “Do you have something to say about the third world war?”

He said, “I am sorry. I cannot say anything about the third world war, but if you want to know about the fourth, I can say something.”

The man who had asked the question simply could not believe it. If he could not say anything about the third, what could he say about the fourth?

He asked him, unbelievingly, “Okay, what can you say about the fourth?”

And Albert Einstein said, “The fourth will never happen, that much can be said about the fourth! About the third, nothing can be said.”

All your great warriors, all your historical figures, all your so-called great men have brought death so close that now man has to choose. There is no other alternative than a new man. The old man has erased himself out of existence.

The rebel will have a new morality, not according to any commandments, but according to his consciousness. He will have a new religiousness; he will not belong to any religion, because that is absolutely stupid. Religiousness is a private and personal phenomenon. It is just like love, it cannot be organized. The moment you organize truth or love, you kill them. Organization functions almost like poison.

William Blake:1808

The new man will not be a Christian or a Hindu, a Mohammedan or a Buddhist. He will simply be religious. Religiousness will be taken not as a belief, but as a way of life. A graceful, beautiful, responsible way, a way full of consciousness and full of love, full of sharing and friendliness; and a way of creating one world without any boundaries.

No armies are needed, no weapons are needed, no nations are needed, no religions are needed. All that is needed is a little meditativeness, a little silence, a little love, a little more humanity… just a little more, and existence will become fragrant with something so totally unique and new that you will have to find a new category for it.

All those who are lovers of life are going to create the right atmosphere to welcome the rebellious spirit of man, because there is no other alternative.

My certainty about the rebel as the savior of man and this planet is absolute, categorically absolute. The rebel just has to be unafraid of public opinion, unafraid of the crowd, unafraid of masks, attitudes…

The masses are in the grip of the religious leaders, of the political leaders. And these people don’t want any change to happen because every change means a danger to the status quo, a danger to the establishment. Any change is going to bring other changes, and they will have to adjust to those changes. Who knows, are those adjustments going to be favorable to them, or unfavorable? Life for those leaders of the establishment is so comfortable and so luxurious it is better that everything remains the same.

But now the situation is totally different. The establishment itself has brought the situation of an ultimate change, either life or death. And the choice is such that I don’t think anybody is going to choose death.

If people choose life, they will have to choose life values. Then the old renunciation of religions will become out-of-date; saintliness will have to find new dimensions. Then poets and painters, singers and dancers will be the saints. Then meditators, the enlightened people, the more conscious and awakened people will be the sages.

Android Jones

We are coming close to a tremendous transformation, and we are going to see it in our own lives, something so rare and unique which has never happened before, and will never happen again.

You should feel fortunate, blessed, to see the great transformation of all the old values, of all the old ideals; to see the birth of new values, new ideals, new categories of honor and respectability.

The rebellious spirit is basically the experience of one’s own individuality, absolutely free from any kind of psychological slavery…

Osho: The Rebel


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  1. mahalakshmini bikini

    All the words of all the souls are simply bubbles rising to the surface of a sparkling elixir, enlivening, effervessing, with the sharpness which makes the eyes water upon sipping.
    When eyes water, true vision is experienced and from true vision, comes the eternal moment.
    Even the concept of moment dissolves within the solvent of the infinite, only to move swiftly into its next manifestation, be that of consciousness, energy or matter……
    which leaves us with…..
    Does matter really matter???

    August 8, 2008 at 10:52 pm

  2. Krishna

    It’s a great vision. I see two possibilities of it – represented by Nietzsche and Krishna. One transforms himself/herself into a demon, by using freedom from convention to have power over the herd. The other transforms humanity into love, by using freedom from convention to release the power of his/her universal heart. Honestly the neocon project is the first, and it’s the easier path despite the disaster it will cause.

    August 11, 2008 at 2:03 pm

  3. The rebels who are born out of violence prove, in the end, to be anti-rebellious. The moment they are in power their rebellion disappears. They become as ugly as the predecessors they have replaced, because through violence you cannot bring flowers of love. By sowing the seeds of poison you cannot hope that the flowers will be anything other than poison.

    In the past, the great misery has been that those who were peaceful and loving, silent and ecstatic, were not rebels. They could not conceive that a rebellion is possible out of love, out of compassion, out of ecstasy. Their perspective was not that clear about the future possibilities. So people who were loving, people who were peaceful, people who were religious, prayerful, instead of becoming rebels simply became escapists; that was their substitute for rebellion. They escaped to the mountains, to the forests, to live a peaceful, silent and blissful life.

    In a way they were certainly selfish. They never thought about those whom they were renouncing. Their compassion was not great enough and their peace was not strong enough — it was afraid of being disturbed. Their love was not great enough — it was afraid of being burned in the fumes of rebellion.

    And on the other hand, there were rebels but they were not peaceful and they were not silent and they had no idea of any ecstasy. They had never known anything of meditation. They had no contact with the heart. Their rebellion was only a reaction of the mind. They were angry, enraged by all the exploitation, oppression, by all the inhumanity that the establishment had been doing to other human beings. Out of their anger, out of their violence, out of their rage, they rebelled. So those who were not capable of rebellion rebelled, and those who were really capable of rebellion escaped.

    Those people who were full of violence and rage succeeded. But while they were going through the rebellion they were becoming more and more accustomed to violence; and when the power came into their hands, it came into the hands of violent people. Naturally, they used that power for more violence. Now they had a great opportunity to destroy as many people as possible.

    A rebellion which is religious, which is spiritual, which is not born out of the flames of violence but which is born out of the fragrance of love and compassion, out of meditation, alertness and awareness, is the only possibility for a transformation of this beautiful planet into a paradise.

    Osho: The Rebel

    August 12, 2008 at 7:04 am

  4. …word !!!

    August 15, 2008 at 11:46 am

  5. In the real journey of life,

    your own intuition is your only teacher.

    Have you looked at the word ‘intuition’?

    It is the same as ‘tuition’.

    Tuition is given by teachers, from outside;

    intuition is given by your own nature, from inside.

    You have your guide within you…

    Intuition cannot be translated into intellect,

    Intuition can never be a servant. It is your innermost core.

    It opens up only in deep meditation…

    A bridge between the intellect and intuition

    will give you a tremendous clarity, understanding,

    a new kind of intelligence of which you are absolutely unaware,

    and the more intuition takes possession of you,

    the more intellect has to function as a servant.

    This is real richness. This is real power.

    Osho – The Transmission Of The Lamp

    August 16, 2008 at 6:38 am

  6. Oszey

    Thanks you came just when needed i was feeling low and heavy with a burden you have lifted me back on to the tracks and put the fight back in me . A lot of us are under great stress at the moment for what is taking place at this time realising what were here for is not easy once agian thanks Oszey Liverpool UK

    August 28, 2008 at 12:21 pm

  7. GateLessGate

    The revolutionary tries to change the old; the rebel simply comes out of the old.

    The rebel is not a revolutionary; he doesn’t believe in changing the society by changing the government.

    He believes in changing individuals, in changing himself, and spreading the flame from individual to individual.

    The rebel believes in changing from the very roots.

    It seems to be a long way, but perhaps there is no shortcut.

    Unless individuals change, they cannot change the government and they cannot change the society.

    The rebel has to create a new man: meditative, silent, loving, understanding, intelligent, and spread it like a wildfire.

    He has hope and trust that people have lived for such a long, long time in misery, that it is time to bring the transformation.

    Unless we create such rebellious people around the earth, man has no future.

    The old man has brought man to his ultimate death.

    It is the old mind, the old ideologies, the old religions – they have all combined together to bring about this situation of global suicide.

    Only a new man can save humanity and this planet, and the beautiful life of this planet.

    You must have the flame that you want to see in others’ eyes.

    This is what I mean by being a rebel: you have to be rebellious, then you can spread rebellion all around you.

    You have to gather all your energies, which are divided into many, many parts and focus them into a single-pointed, arrow-like life.

    If you are on fire, aflame, you can create a wildfire which goes faraway beyond your vision.

    But first you have to be aflame.

    Remember, it will not come from above, it will come from below.

    You are the world.

    Every individual is the world.

    Osho – The Rebel

    August 29, 2008 at 12:04 pm

  8. all i believe cosmic love,peace and light

    September 7, 2008 at 12:18 am